The Truth Behind Solar Panels…on Cloudy Days

The Truth Behind Solar Panels…on Cloudy Days

November 27, 2020 ValuSolar+ 0

Will My Solar Panels In Killeen Be Effected On Cloudy Days?

Earl Waller, ValuSolar

Solar panels bring many benefits to individuals and the entire world. Economically speaking, solar panels are expected to reduce electricity costs. From an environmental point of view, solar panels can provide us with clean and sustainable energy without further damage to the environment. Solar energy can reach remote areas. It can provide emergency medical education and information. However, the impact of cloudy weather on solar panels can diminish promising benefits. In some parts of the world and certain seasons, the effects of clouds on solar panels can significantly reduce efficiency.

In the past ten years, solar panels have been dominating the world, and its popularity does not seem to decline soon. The number of solar energy facilities exceeded 2 million in 2019, and it is expected to double by 2023. People who are thinking about using solar panels in homes often ask: will clouds affect the output of my solar panels? Do solar panels need direct sunlight?

Solar Panels Effect on energy output

How much energy does the solar panel produce on a cloudy day? Solar panels only provide 25% to 45% of the energy produced on sunny days. However, solar panels made by solar panel manufacturers such as SunPower and LG can maintain efficiency and high power even in the dark.

It is essential to know that solar panels may have some efficient moments on cloudy days. It is caused by the “silver lining” effect that occurs when sunlight passes through the edges of the clouds, resulting in increased sunlight. It will temporarily improve the performance and power of solar panels.

Meeting the Challenge

There are ways to meet the cloud challenge. The good news is that if you adjust the system size, you’ll find that the solar panel design and size can take into account local weather conditions, shadow analysis, sun duration, and more. A solar system that takes all these factors into account also works well every year.

Solar Panels and Grid metering policy

Another thing to keep in mind is that with good grid metering policies, you can balance rain, snow, cloudy weather, or days with little sunshine. Offsetting your energy usage seasonally will efficiently keep your electric bill at zero or lessened by how many kWh your system can produce each year assuming it is less than your total electric requirements.

Solar panel design

Some solar panels are designed to work in low light environments. Therefore, if you live in northern solar hours when solar radiation is low (especially in winter), it may be worth considering installing a module designed to withstand this task.

☀️Note: Net metering allows you to keep your house connected to the grid. The remaining energy generated by the system is provided to the utility company (hybrid vehicles, in the case of batteries) to generate credit. If you need to consume more energy than a specific month, please obtain energy from your credit limit.


Some cloudy countries generate more solar energy than some sunny countries. For example, Germany is a gloomy-skied nation, but about 50% of the world’s photovoltaic energy is produced in murky Germany. Spain and Portugal, on the other hand, have twice as many sunny days as Germany, but cannot boast a great deal of solar energy. Solar energy can generally be generated in cloudy weather conditions. Not only on a sunny day but also the size of the panel and whether you boost them or not.

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